Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Strawberries, Baseball and the POTTY!

It's that time again... and I'm proud of myself for being so diligent in my blogging. I think this will be very important to Zaleeya in a few years. Even though we are past the "adoption" phase of our parenting journey (for now), it's great to just keep track of what goes on from a month to month basis. This month has been all about the POTTY! Yes we successfully training lil Z how to use the potty and after 4 days of a few accidents here and there, we are now accident free for 2 weeks! Of course going #2 has been a bit of an issue and took some prodding from mommy (major major fears) but we are now using the pink potty religiously. Yes, it's far too much info, but mom wants to remember this moment and feel proud. I took my time and waited till we were both ready.

We hit the strawberry farm with school the other day... a fun filled adventure that involved strawberry picking, mud and a wagon. We also hit our first ANGELS game last week! We had been waiting to take her until we felt we could make it through the 7th inning stretch (to sing Take Me out to the Ball Game) which we did! Zaleeya did great and was able to si
t and eat her way through most of the game. We loved it when she first got a live glimse of the baseball field... she actually stopped us and went to go take a look. It was amazing! SHE IS A FAN! And now says GO ANGELS everytime we pass the stadium.

This month has also been about talking. It's crazy how much she puts together now. Instead of saying "Mama I got a bobo", we are moving into phrases like "Mama I hurt myself on my chin". She can vocalize everything, which at times drives us a bit crazy and nervous as she now repeats everything too!

For some reason, perhaps because of the Potty Training, she has become a little more clingy and whiney lately. Sometimes it's so bad we have numerous escalating tantrums because I stand firm to my ground and don't give in to her every whim. For example, she will throw Pepe and expect me to get it for her; I make her calm down and do it herself. It's been a
tough few days, but I chalk it up to normal growing pains and I know tantrums for 2 year olds are not uncommon. At least we know she is attached!

I plan to go back to work part time and we are looking into preschool/ daycare solutions. Zaleeya may be sensing this so it could also be contributing to her increase of clingyness. I only plan to work 3 half days to help her with this transition. I am looking forward to this a bit as I don't think I was ever wired to be a full time mom. It's been good for all of us... but perhaps it's time to move into a few phase of motherhood.

Anyhow that's all for this month. Thanks for keeping track of us.


Julie & Patrick said...

Yay for Potty progress! You all look great in your Angels attire too.

Zaleeya is growing up so fast. Thanks for the updates!

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

Hmmm . . . I saw that "(for now)" and am wondering if there's another little Z in your future?? It sounds like you're doing such a great job as a mom! The tantrums will hopefully be a short phase . . . and the language is so astonishing, isn't it? That's been one of my absolute things with my children -- watching their vocabularies blossom before our eyes.

Thanks for sharing your update!

Emily said...

How wonderful that your family of three can share in love for the Angels! I'm sure going to the games will become a cherished childhood memory for Zaleeya. I'm excited for you to head back to work and would love to hear how the transition goes. Zaleeya is becoming such a lady, even using the potty! Thanks for keeping us updated on her growth and development. We'll let you know as soon as we have something exciting to report! :) Emily

Anonymous said...

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