Monday, April 13, 2009

Pictures of Zaleeya!

Hey everyone! We have finally moved out of our house and are settled in with my parents, and currently in escrow to buy a new home. PHEW! In the move, I somehow misplaced the camera. Oh no! But I have a few shots from cell phones I wanted to share with you quickly before naptime ends.

Zaleeya is still doing great and is fast becoming a super talker! New words include: Shoes, Bird, Car, More, Please, Blueberry (or a rendition of this), and our personal favorites, MAMA and DADA!

Littered here are pics with her grandparents (Nana and Nani) and Hedy and Emma (from Dillon). I promise to get more family pics ups soon! We are ALMOST at our 6 month anniversary home. WOW!