Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Day at the Beach!

Hello! So last Saturday we took advantage of the hot weather to hit the beach with baby Z and doggy Z. After taking much longer to get out of the house than expected (welcome to parenthood) we made it in time for an amazing sunset. Today's post is all about sharing the pictures. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Do I Find Time To Blog?!?

Azeem said to me the other day, "The last blog post was Nov 4th!". I apologize, but honestly, how does one have time to do anything anymore? A friend with two kids sent me a long email yesterday in the middle of the day. I thought to myself, she must be emailing during NAP time! I have learned to shower before both Azeem and Zaleeya wake up and check emails on my phone while she munches on cheese. It's a very delicate balance and luckily getting better by the day.

Baby Z is doing pretty well. We found out last week she had a little stomach parasite- quite normal for kids in her situation so we had to do a course of antibiotics. It's no fun trying to squeeze a syringe of horrible tasting liquid down a squirming 1 year old's mouth THREE times a day. And her diarrhea and fussiness that ensued as a result of the meds was no fun either. However despite this, last week she seemed to start to settle into a groove; I even started sleeping in my own bed for half the night and only moving into her room once she awoke for her midnight changing.

However everything changed this past Monday when she decided to stop taking her bottle. It shocked me as her bottle has been something she SCREAMED for up until now. I even took her to the doctor fearful of an ear infection, only to find out she's teething. Luckily we learned at the doctor that she has gained 7 oz in 2 weeks! I must say I was happy to see I was able to help someone GAIN weight despite my profession. She still doesn't take the bottle, or milk in any kind of fashion, which worries me as it was a large source of calories in her diet.

Feeding time is really quite stressful. She only really likes to eat foods she can feed herself and often wont try a lot of things after a quick sniff. Fish sticks, tator tots, chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, rice crackers and graham crackers are staples. She likes a few Indian sweets and of course will never turn down a piece of cheese. Fruits are veggies are still alluding her, much to my horror and dismay. I'm waiting for the day I drive through the McDonalds drive through; don't be alarmed if I'm wearing a mask so as to not be recognized.

Despite the meds, and teething, she continues to do quite well and seems to be adjusting to her family. She gets very excited when Azeem comes home from work and is still quite clingy to both of us. Despite this, she is great with new people and will play and giggle and explore as long as one of us is near by. She now recognizes our favorite song on the radio and understands when we ask her "Where's Ziggy". She stands on her own occasionally and has taken a few unsupported steps on her own. She is fearless and flexible and fantastically joyous. She cracked me up yesterday when she started to climb into her leggo dump truck. I thought it was cute so I snapped a picture, and then looked up to realize she had paused to POOP. She climbed into her DUMP truck to take a DUMP! Oh my... I guess we should start looking forward to potty training.

As for parenthood, Azeem and I are still struggling with the loss of independence. I particularly have had moments of extreme lows- feeling claustrophobic. However we feel more comfortable that Zaleeya is adjusting so my mom is starting to watch her an hour here and there so I can escape for some exercise and fresh air. We're formulating a plan for me to go back to work 2-3 days a week in January which I know will be good for everyone.

Anyhow it's naptime (of course) so I'll see if I can squeeze in a nap myself. Thank you as always to everyone for the amazing support!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Day Baby Z Went Down!

I apologize for a long break between posts. Being home now is all consuming, especially since Zaleeya is definately bonding with her parents and getting more demanding of us each day.

But let me back up. Feeling conident and finally excited about our new (adorable) daughter, Azeem and I embarked on one too many trips outside the home last Friday. At the time Zaleeya seemed ok. She fussed a lot getting in and out of the car seat but eventually calmed down and often snoozed while the car was in motion. We attempted a nap that day which barely lasted and then that night her sleep was quite erratic - up every hour or two. Saturday was worse; she didn't nap at all! Both of us started to melt down, especially me and we could tell Zaleeya was especially cranky feeding off my stressed out energy. It's amazing the thoughts that go through your mind when under extreme sleep deprivation!

Finally, again, we called for reinforcements. First I posted on the Dillon adoption forums for tips of how to overcome our problems, then we called in my in-laws for a relief break. The Dillon moms were amazing in reminding us how easily stimulated these adopted children can get in the beginning. We have to remember that ALL she saw for 14 MONTHS was the inside of 4 walls. So we decided to slow way down out trips and visitors, knowing that down the line we can resume our active social schedules. As for Saturday night, Mom and Dad saved the day by helping us feed and put her to sleep. She slept for 12 hours that night and Azeem and I escaped for a 45 min sushi date!! We have decided that for my mental state to remain positive for baby Z, I will need to escape from our home for an hour or two every few days.

As for Zaleeya now, she has gotten more clingy and needy of us, which everyone says is normal and good for the attachment process. It can be overwhelming, as its impossible to get anything done! She continues to speak more and smile and dance. Early early mornings are her best times as she is a super babbler and we've included some fun video of this. This gives new meaning 'of "egg on your face!" She and I have a favorite song now (Alicia Keys "No One") as we listen to the radio most of the day. She enjoys her new stroller but is still apprehensive to try a swing at the park. She loves to play with paper and tupperware and is warming up to playing in the bathtub. The most fun thing to watch is her bond with Ziggy as she genuinely smiles and giggles sometimes when he shows up and surprises her. And he is warming to her now frequently sniffing and licking and even snuggling with me now in the bed in her room.

Anyhow its 6am now and the house should be awaking soon so Ill sign off! Enjoy the video...