Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Know I Know, it's been 2 months!

Ok I know I'm a super bad blogger, but wow it's been a crazy few months! I keep procrastinating since I need to upload tons of pics and video so I decided today to just post an update and I'll upload later!

So it's the beginning of March, Zaleeya is now 18 months and she's been home a little over 4 months. Things are good in general! Let's start with the developmental milestones: She is walking like crazy! Running and walking backwards are also on the list. We can now go to a park or mall or other public place and let her stroll around. She hates holding our hands because she likes to explore, but she's pretty good at staying relatively close by. She still loves her Ziggy and Buzz (my mom's dog) and kisses them a lot and takes their slobbery kisses. She is currently OBSESSED with buckling anything that can be buckled including her high chair and stroller buckles. She can really understand us now and will respond to some actions like, let's go take a bath (walks to the stairs), are you hungry (walks to high chair) and let's read a book (gets a book). She has a few words now including "hot", "shoe", "ball" and "dada". She still doesn't have a name for me though. We keep working on "hi mama"!

As for our schedule, we keep it a little more hectic than we probably should. Tuesdays and Thursdays I head to work while my parents pick her up and take her to their place. It's like club med there with a swing and dog and backyard with putting green so she LOVES it! They also watch her once on the weekends so Azeem and I can escape for a date night or afternoon out. We also go visit grandma and grandpa Dhalla and stay there on occasion and the bonding process is going smoothly there was well. She's starting to figure out who her close friends and family are.

Zaleeya still has some sleep issues, some nights waking frequently, but in general it's better. Her eating is NORMAL toddler chaos since we're learning how to eat using a utensil. I wish she was more focused on eating than playing but she's drinking milk frequently and she seems to be growing out of her clothes gradually so I'm not terribly worried about her weight as much. She has gotten a few colds, again normal, but in general she is pretty darn healthy. We feel blessed on this front.

Another reason for being so hectic is that we decided to undertake a house change. We currently live in a 3 story house and it just wasn't working out for us with a crazy active toddler! So we expected a 60 to 90 wait in this crazy market, but after a week after listing we ended up in escrow with a solid offer! We are still waiting to make sure things are moving smoothly before we start packing, but in the mean time we have been looking for houses like CRAZY! Nothing yet, so our plan in the mean time is to move in with my parents to "club med" and take advantage of their unused 2nd floor bonus room. It will definitely feel like INDIA with a bunch of us living under one roof. :)

Anyhow that's it for now. I promise to upload a few things in the next few days!