Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Trip to the Olympics!

As promised, I am on time delivering my monthly blog entry and this one is dedicated to our recent trip to Vancouver. Azeem has been busy with work (CPA in Busy Season!) so Zaleeya and I took a gracious offer from my parents to visit them in their Vancouver Condo and enjoy the spirit of the 2010 Winter Games.

Zaleeya of course had no idea what the "Olimstics" were all about... but by the end of it she had mastered the phrase "GO CANADA!" much to our dismay. There was SO MUCH Canadian Spirit everywhere that she picked it up quite quickly, and let's admit that it is a bit easier to say than "Go USA".

She did a good job adjusting to the travel again, despite the fact that just before leaving she got the worst cold she has had in a while. Night time was rough the first few nights and she ended up sleeping with me since I caved when she decided to learn the phrase "I WANT MY MOM!". I guess it's true that when they are sick they crave mommy comfort.

But after a few days we ventured out into the colder weather (only 55 degrees actually and sometimes a bit rainy) and hit Live City, an outdoor Olympic venue for spectators to come watch the events on large screens. We also spent some time strolling down the streets of Vancouver and she was great at sitting in her stroller and watching the people go by in her turquoise jacket and pink sunglasses. What a California diva! We even ventured out on a bike ride... mom's first with Zaleeya on the bike. It was so much fun!

Mom got to go to the Opening Ceremonies, some ice skating and an ice hockey match. It was fantastic! All in all though we were glad to be home and back into the regular routine. Zaleeya fared better than expected while traveling, but still just does her best at sleeping and eating and behaving when she is at home.

She continues to talk like crazy adding more and more sentences to her repertoire. Today she picked up the phone with my mom and said "Nani, I hear Ziggy barking in the backyard". Amazing!

Also this month we had a nice dinner with the Adoption Club in Ladera Ranch. We met a group of wonderful families with children all adopted (mostly domestic) and around the same age as Zaleeya. Were so happy to find this group of people and hope to spend more time with them in the future.

Pictures from the month are littered in this post. Enjoy!


Julie & Patrick said...

Oh how fun it must have been to be in all the action at the Olympics!

Zaleeya is looking so grown up and cute!

Julie R

Anonymous said...

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