Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So it's been a few weeks now and I am happy to report that mommy is WORKING and Zaleeya is in DAYCARE! After pouring over tons of info and visiting a myriad of facilities, we settled on an in home daycare in a neighboring community only 4 minutes away. My instincts were telling me that lil Z would do better in a smaller environment before hitting preschool... and boy was I right (picture is from her first day)!

First of all, we love our daycare lady (Ms. Dawn). She is nurturing but strict and very structured. Her home is immaculate, she is a consummate professional and I feel now that she is a helper to me in conquering some of Zaleeya's issues. It's been a few weeks, and she is already playing better with other children, eating meals in under 30 mins (WHAT!!??), coughing and sneezing into her arms for hygiene, not touching doorknobs unless shes asks, and putting away toys. And never once has she whined, complained or cried about being left there... it's as if she knew this was the right place for her. It's a miracle!

Sure, mommy and daddy get homework so we can work on these skills on the days she is not in daycare, but I am happy to have someone who is part of parenting team, someone who has confirmed what I know all along... that our child is bright, headstrong, and will challenge us everyday.

And more importantly, mommy is happy to have time away so that our time together is QUALITY. Today was the first full day we had together in a while, all day alone, and boy was it awesome. Sure we had a few tantrums and timeouts, but I was prepared and mentally ready to handle it. Now this is what I imagined motherhood to be like. Thank you Ms. Dawn!


Julie & Patrick said...

It is a big step, but by the sounds of it, you made the right choice and everyone is happy and doing well. It is a little nice to have some professional backup isn't it?

I hope things continue to go well. Zaleeya is darling!

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

I loved having my first son in an in-home situation. They can be hard to find, so it's like gold when you do! So happy to hear that it's working out so well for all of you.

Emily said...

Yay Zeena! You have time to nurture your professional work, and Zaleeya has time to be with friends and experience a different environment. I'm so glad it has worked out well for everyone. Your instincts were right on! Emily

Fenwick Five said...

Sounds like a winner place!!:) Glad that you are all adjusting to this well!! We have been home with Maiya Reela for 3 weeks now!! Gidget

Anonymous said...

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